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La Casa de Marita Galapagos - Hotel Boutique

It’s hard to speak of paradise without losing credibility. It’s an ambitious concept that more properly fits somewhere in between the lines of doctrine and over-the-top advertising for holiday destinations.

And yet, once you’ve experienced it, there seems to be no better way to describe what feels like a lost Eden hiding behind the horizon in the equatorial Pacific.

Today, just about 2000 people inhabit Isabela, the largest, purest, most protected island in the Galapagos archipelago. They live in Puerto Villamil, a small, friendly village that houses both locals and travellers, as it becomes a part of one of the most unique ecosystems in the world.

In it, La Casa de Marita, Marita’s house (literally), started out as the home of a couple who, as Dante would have put it,“midway upon the journey of their life” 20 years ago, realized that life was actually about living.

A home born of love is now so much more than a beautiful boutique hotel located in the heart of Darwin’s inspiration. It’s a getaway from everything outside, a place for thought; a home in Eden.

How to get there

There’s a number of ways to reach the Galapagos islands, and a couple more to La Casa de Marita that serve as a remarkable preamble to the beauty you’ll find in Isabela.

Regular flights from either LAN, TAME and AEROGAL airlines are available into Baltra Island, where the archipelago’s main airport is located. From there, you may choose to come by boat or small plane, and although both experiences are highly recommended as they each present a unique view of the Galapagos, perhaps flying into Isabela for the first time is not only quicker and slightly easier, but offers an incomparable bird’s eye view of the island complex itself.

If you choose to fly, seek out the EMETEBE airline’s post in Baltra airport. There are flights that depart regularly into Isabela, and the trip takes roughly about 25 minutes.

Getting to Isabela by boat is a wonderful experience in itself. From the Baltra airport, take the bus to the ferries that cross into Puerto Ayora and, from there, take a speedboat, or “fibra” as they’re called locally, into Isabela. A 3 hour journey awaits as several islands from the archipelago pass by over the turquoise waters where pirates once sailed for shelter, and coastal birds swoop to hunt the schools of fish that swim beneath.

We also recommend that you bring mosquito repellent, walking or trekking shoes, pants, shorts, a bathing suit, and any other equipment you may want to fully take advantage of the Galapagos experience. Snorkels, cameras, underwater enclosures, and binoculars are good ideas. And, although books are always welcome, the surroundings are such that maybe you’ll write one while you’re here.

For more information about flight schedules from different cities in Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands, please visit:

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