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La Casa de Marita Restaurant

There’s an interesting theory that claims civilization started with a good meal. Maybe it began in the heart of a family, or perhaps it was just a couple of strangers that decided to sit down, after a rough day in the wilderness, and share whatever they had for their joined comfort.

Either way, with the significance of good food spanning centuries of culture, it seems fitting that as a break from the wonderful, immaculate outdoors of Isabela, the more finer tastes of man’s achievements grace La Casa de Marita’s restaurant to encompass your experience as a true adventure for the senses, and bring you back to friendly care.

Every dish served uses fresh ingredients caught, grown and harvested locally in the islands and on Marita’s farm. You’re welcome to visit it, if you’d like, and depending on the season, you can even help with they day’s pickings. Or, you can just sit back, relax, and marvel at the tastes, textures and aromas that you’ll find when a meal, we hope, will always make you feel home.

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